Comfortable Summer For Your Skin

Skin care is very important in summers, Take special care of your skin. Always make sure that you do proper cleansing of your skin. Eat fruits and vegetables not only in your diet but you can use these natural products on your skin also. Wash your face with a mild face wash. Avoid fairness face washes in summer as they have bleach in them which enhances sun damage effect on skin. Remove make up properly from your skin before sleeping.

Cleansing and toning of the skin is very important. Use a sun block. Do not use heavy spf sun creams because they form a thick layer on your face and do not let your skin breathe. Drink lots and lots of fresh juices and eat ample vegetables and fruits.Summer skin care needs just a little bit of effort but will give you best results. These summer skin care tips are very easy to follow. Just a little bit change in your diet and a little effort to apply natural items to your face. Water melon is a gift in summers. Follow these summer skin care tips and eat loads of water melon to get best results.

via, dunyanews