Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe by Shireen Anwar


Gajar Ka Halwa Masala TV Recipes by Shireen Anwar Masala Mornings
Carrots 2 kg grated
Milk 1 kg
Ghee ¾ cup
Green cardamom 8 to 10
Sugar 1 ¼ cup
Khoya 1 cup
Saffron ½ tsp
Almonds and pistachio sliced 2 tbsp each
Peel and grates carrot, cook in 1 kg milk, when milk nearly dries add sugar, cook till sugar water dries, heat ghee in a sauce pan add green cardamom, add this ghee to the carrot mixture and fry well for at least 15 minutes lastly add khoya, saffron, almonds and pistachio, leave it on dum for 10 minutes and remove.