Ice Cream Trifle Eid Special Recipes by Food Diaries


How To Make Ice Cream Trifle

Ice Cream Trifle 4

Ice Cream Trifle Eid Special Recipes by Zarnak Sidhwa Food Diaries Masala TV



  • Plain Sponge cake, sliced 1
  • Fruit cocktail, drained 1 can
  • Fruit cocktail syrup 3 – 4 tbsp
  • Strawberry jelly, set in cubes 1 packet
  • Banana jelly, set in cubes 1 packet
  • Strawberry ice cream ½ liter
  • Vanilla ice cream ½ liter
  • Cream to decorate


Put the sliced sponge cake in the bottom of your dish or individual serving glasses. Moisten with fruit syrup out of the tin and add some fruit, top with strawberry and banana jelly cubes and then add the strawberry ice cream and a layer of vanilla ice cream, freeze till set and then decorate with cream and some fruit and serve immediately.