Latest Beautiful Pakistani Gowns Abaya Fashion in Pakistan

Abaya or Burka is religious dress of Muslims Women of the world, because Muslims woman and girls feels comfertable in this dress which only worn when woman goes out of home. here we collect some best and stylish designs of Abaya or Burqa 2015 2016.

It is modern type of Abaya Arabic Women like to wear this, it look more beautiful than Burqa or Abaya, before Kaftan and Jalabiya were available in only back color and now we cam see that the different colors of it are available in markets as well as various color combination and multicolor.

pakistani gowns abaya 2013 Fashion

Kaftan or Jalabiya is type of Abaya which is also called Burka in Asian Countries, Kaftan or Jalabiya mostly used in Arabian Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Kuwait Qatar etc.

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In these new collections of abaya designs the front area and neckline is made from heavy lace work and on sleeves stylish embroidery is done. Without a scarf or hijab abaya looks incomplete so I would like to tell you that they also have matching scarves and hijab including with different types of brooches. In this modern age brooches have become the need of scarves and hijab because common pins looks very simple.

Latest-Burka-Designs pakistani gowns abaya 2013

Ladiespk Brings latest designs collection of Burqa or Abaya 2015 2016 for women and girls which is trendy and stylish we hope you will like our collection, here are same beautiful pictures of Abaya

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