Latest Modern Abaya Designs for Women

Dubai Latest-Abaya-Designs-2013 Graceful-Modern-Style-emoo Burka

Traditional Abaya are black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil covering all but the eyes. Some women choose to wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well.


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  1. Nila
    Nila 9 June, 2013, 00:39

    can i know, where is ur shop in Dubai. My location is dubai international city. So if u have any shop at dubai, plz give me ur address. I’ll come ur shop.

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  2. Shaikhalmas
    Shaikhalmas 21 July, 2013, 01:08

    Wtz itz price ?? ??

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  3. Ferdos
    Ferdos 22 July, 2013, 12:38

    Hey can someone pls guide me where to get those abaya’s I realy like them,


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  4. Aya
    Aya 30 July, 2013, 01:50

    how we can order them please here is any websites…please….jazakoum Allahu Khayraan

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  5. farzana shaikh
    farzana shaikh 10 December, 2013, 09:55

    I want a nice flowing abaya nice one pls send me the price

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  6. iqra yousaf
    iqra yousaf 23 December, 2013, 11:45

    nice abaya

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  7. Islam
    Islam 10 April, 2014, 01:12

    Do you have shopping to canada

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  8. Farhat Jahan
    Farhat Jahan 16 June, 2014, 13:39

    I want to buy black n red abaya…can u plzzz let me knw from where I can buy it n wats d price of dis abaya??????

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