Lucknowi Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Apa

Masala Tv Lucknowi Chicken Biryani Recipe zubaida apa Handi

Lucknowi Chicken Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Apa Handi

LUCKNOWI BIRYANI by Zubaida Apa’s Handi
Chicken (14 pieces) 1
Yogurt 1 cup
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
Rice 2 ½ cup
White cumin 1 tsp
Small cardamom 6
Chopped green chilies 4
Salt to taste
Fresh milk 1 cup
Saffron as required
Clarified butter 1 cup
For stock:
Garlic 1
Ginger 1 piece
Big cardamom 3
Bay leaves 1
Fennel seeds 1 tsp]
Coriander seeds 1 tbsp
Onion 1
Khewra few drops

• Add in 1 chicken in a pan, and add in 1 onion, 1 piece ginger, bay leaves, 1 tsp fennel seeds, 1 tbsp coriander seeds, big cardamom and few drops of khewra essence in a potli and add it in the chicken.
• Add in 3-4 cups of water. Make stock and cook it till the chicken tenders. Then take out the stock. Take out all the essence of potli by pressing it.
• Crush 1 tsp white cumin and 6 small cardamom.
• Now take 1 cup clarified butter in the pan and add in chopped onion till they are golden brown. Take out half onion and add in 1 cup yogurt in the pan and add in 1 tbsp ginger garlic, small cardamom, white cumin and chopped green chilies. cook the chicken.
• When the chicken is cooked add in the stock. Then add in the rice and some salt. Cove the pan. When the water dries, add in the chicken and onion.
• From the top add in 1 cup fresh milk and saffron.
• Simmer it dish it out and serve.