NARGISI KOFTA KEBAB Recipe by Zubaida Tariq



Beef mince 1 kg
Onion (chopped) 2
Poppy seeds 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds 1 tbsp
Black peppercorns 6
Black cumin seeds 1 tsp
Small cardamom 6
Almond (roasted) 6
Eggs 6
Bread slices 3
Soya sauce 2 tbsp
Green chilies (chopped) 3
Oil to fry
Cloves 12

Fry 2 onions till they are golden brown. Take ½ kg mince in a wok and add in salt and 2 tbsp soya sauce. Cook it just till the water dries. Boil 6 eggs. Now add 3 bread slices in mince and mix it. Grind in 1 tbsp poppy seeds, 1 tbsp white cumin seeds, 6 roasted and crushed almonds, 6 small cardamoms, 1 tsp black cumin seeds and 6 black peppercorns together. Add the grinded spices in the mince and chop it in the chopper. Add in chopped onions and chopped green chilies. Mix it. Grease your hands and make kebabs out of the mince mixture by placing egg halves in the middle of the kebab. When all the kebabs are ready fry them till golden brown. Take them out, cool them and cut the kebabs in to halve Nargisi Koftay Kebabs are ready