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Boil milk with cardamom and add saffron and blanched pistachio and almonds. Simmer milk on low flame till it reduces to half while stirring at intervals. Add Condense Milk.

When you Google ‘easy dessert recipes,’ more than seven million tempting results come up to make you drool all over your key board. But scroll down to the ingredients, and a wave of disappointment takes away all that joy as most of the ingredients are not available in Pakistan.

KARACHI: With two decades in print, cyber and television medium behind him, it seems only natural that fashion journalist Mohsin Sayeed would foray into designing. And he’s done just that, with the label The PinkTree

Women are always looking for New Mehndi Designs for Hands in different sources like magazines and internet. Mehndi Designs for Hands usually involves covering the finger tips with mehndi and few simple patterns on the palm. Here is some latest Mehndi Design Pictures 2012.