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Why not try these very tasty, and easy to make, potato pancakes? These are great for breakfast with eggs; good for a simple lunch on a cold day; or a nice side dish at dinner.

(CNN) -- The food pyramid has been dismantled in favor of a simple plate icon that urges Americans to eat a more plant-based diet. One half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, with whole grains and lean

There’s nothing like a perfectly cooked piece of snapper! I agree that there are a multitude of fish that beat the snapper in flavour: tuna, monkfish and swordfish but you get the snapper easily from any fishmonger — who probably calls it ‘hira’ — in Pakistan and it is just delicious!

NEW YORK: Working out at home is easier than ever, thanks to the wealth of online instruction and a new generation of multi-tasking, space-saving fitness tools.