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Apple and Honey Face Mask for Skin Fairness

apple is an very beneficial fruit bland an apple and apply it on face for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water your skin will become lighten.
Urdu Beauty Tips Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair whitening

Urdu Beauty Tips Benefits of Rice Water for Skin Whitening and Hair Asian women are known for their delicate beauty and smooth, fair skin. Asian beauty secrets of the water in which rice has an abundance of minerals and vitamins. Japanese rice with water so skin diseases have been treated.

When you skip the makeup, it means that you’re willing to let the world see your natural self. And this means showing off your skin. Healthy skin will always stand out and to get it you need to take care of it.
Skin Care in Summer Winter

Summers, when it is hot and humid, are a bad time for fungal infections, which commonly surface on children’s scalps, said dermatologists at a lecture on the common ailment.