Thredz Boutique Wedding Dresses 2013 for Women & Girls

Thredz Boutique Wedding Dresses 2013 for Women & Girls


Thredz has been one of Pakistan’s recognized fashion companies. This could not have happened without one key asset, our quality. We offer an extensive selection of colorful and inspired clothing for men, women and children, as well as a wide range of home furnishings; all in a unique upscale atmosphere.

We deliver products & services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent with our brand and our image. We are committed to listening and responding to the needs of our customer’s and business associates and to honoring their individual values. We believe in personal and professional enrichment through an environment of open communication, teamwork, trust & respect.

Through principled leadership we embrace diversity and we cultivate strength, pride, and passion to align our personal lives with our professional lives, so that you may wrap yourself in style!

Following are few pictures Pakistani Branded Thredz Designer Clothing 2013 Suits for your review. Of course these changes from time to time depending on the latest arrivals, demand and Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan.

Fancy Wedding Dresses for Girls 2013

Thredz-Eid-Dresses Collection-2013-for-Women

Fancy boutique Thredz-Eid-Dresses Collection-2013-for-Women Girls Red Block Print Chiffon Single Kurta

Fancy boutique Thredz-Eid-Dresses Collection-2013-for-Women Girls

We On always try our best to update you about Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan especially in the field of Women and Men Dresses, Shoes, Mehndi Design, Jewellery, Better Lifestyles Tips, Foods, Recipes and many more.

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