Zubaida Tariq Weight Loss Tips Masoor ki Daal Married Women

Zubaida Tariq Weight Loss Tips Urdu English for Married Women

Zubaida Tariq, also known as Zubaida Apa is a very popular Pakistani cooking expert and chef. Zubaida Tariq is not only a cooking expert but also a health and fitness expert.

Her Tips and Totkay and natural home remedies for skin, face pimples and acne face Care, Skin Glowing and Fairness, for oily skin, hair dandruff, hair loss, and shampoo for shiny long black hair are very effective and liked by all men, women and young girls, especially her Weight Loss tips and totkay are very useful and famous .

She doing a coking show on Hum Masala TV which name is Handi, her show is very popular not only in Pakistani Women its also watched in all over the world and helpful for women and girls who has interested in cocking and wants to become a good house wife.


  • Glossary of Pulses and Lentils (Masoor Ki Daal)
  • Black pepper
  • Water
  • Salt


Add 1 tsp red lentil in 4 glass water and cook it till water is left up to one glass. Then pour the water in a glass and keep it in such a place where it can get fresh air overnight. Separate the water in the morning and throw away the lentil. Now add 2 drops of lemon juice, some black pepper and salt in it. Then drink it. Do the same continuously for 40 days. THIS TIP IS ONLY FOR MARRIED WOMEN

Zubaida Tariq Weight Loss Tips in Urdu Masoor ki Daal Married Women