New Study Reveals: Children Inherit Intelligence from Their MOMs

Children Inherit Intelligence From Mothers

A mother’s genes decide how smart her kids are, while the father’s genes don’t really matter.

Here’s why: Intelligence genes are often found on a special part of our DNA called the X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes, but men have only one.

Scientists think that some genes related to advanced thinking abilities may only work if they come from the mother. So, it seems like intelligence is one of those genes that needs to come from Mom.

Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Mothers (Urdu)


In a lab experiment with special mice, they discovered that mice with more genes from their moms had bigger heads and brains but smaller bodies. On the other hand, mice with more genes from their dads had smaller brains but larger bodies.

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Researchers even found that certain parts of the mouse brains were controlled by either mom’s genes or dad’s genes. For instance, the parts responsible for things like eating and being aggressive had more dad’s genes, while the part responsible for advanced thinking, like planning and language, had mostly mom’s genes.

But what about people? Well, scientists in Glasgow did a study. They talked to over 12,000 young folks between 14 and 22 years old. They found that, despite considering things like education, race, and money, the best predictor of intelligence was still the mother’s IQ.

But remember, genes aren’t the only thing that makes you smart. Only about 40 to 60 percent of how smart you are comes from your genes. The rest depends on your environment.

Moms also play a big role in the non-genetic part of intelligence. Some studies say that having a strong and loving connection with your mom is linked to intelligence.

Researchers at the University of Washington learned that kids who had a close and loving bond with their moms had a larger part of their brain called the hippocampus. This part of the brain helps with memory and learning.

Having a good relationship with your mom can make you feel safe and confident. It helps you explore the world and solve problems. Plus, moms who are caring and pay attention to their kids can help them figure things out.

But, don’t forget about dads! They can also be a big influence. Other traits like intuition and emotions, which can come from your dad, are important for intelligence too.

So, moms and dads have a role in helping kids become smart and confident. Moms might have a head start when it comes to genes, but it’s the love and support from both parents that really help kids reach their potential.

How Our Genes and Environment Affect Intelligence:

Our genes, the things we inherit from our parents, play a big part in how smart we become. But it’s not just one gene that decides everything; it’s a bunch of them working together. These genes can affect different parts of our thinking, like solving problems, remembering things, and being creative.

The Place Where We Grow Up Matters Too:

Where we grow up and the things around us also make a difference. Things like going to school when we’re little, eating healthy food, having books to read, and doing interesting stuff can help us get smarter. Even if we don’t have super-smart genes, a good environment can help us reach our full smartness potential.

Moms and Dads Both Help Us Get Smarter:

It’s not just moms who pass on smart genes; dads are important too. Dads who spend time with us, help us learn, and give us love and support can boost our brainpower. So, both parents can help make us smart.

Nature vs. Nurture – It’s Both:

Some people used to argue about whether being smart comes from our genes (nature) or from where we grow up (nurture). But now, most experts agree that it’s a mix of both. Genes set the stage, but having a good environment helps us be as smart as we can be.

Growing Up’s Super Important:

When we’re little, our brains are like sponges, soaking up everything around us. Having positive interactions with the people who take care of us, trying new things, and having lots of friends can help make our brains super smart.

Being Loved and Secure Helps:

Feeling loved and secure is a big deal for our brains. When we have a strong bond with our parents, especially our moms, it helps us deal with feelings and stress. This emotional strength can actually make our brains work better, even if we don’t realize it.