Fitness and Diet Tips Women to Follow for More Energetic Life


Lahore: A busy lifestyle often leads to an erratic diet and international research indicates that women who are too busy to focus on their food intake are more likely to succumb to impulsive eating and spontaneous food purchasing. The result? Extra flab, laziness, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

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According to health expert Swati Srivastava, today’s multitasking woman needs not just a balanced diet and exercise but also health supplements. In order to live a more energetic life which in turn assists women in achieving even greater heights, a healthy lifestyle is important. Right from having a wholesome breakfast to the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in a diet, to exercising and having a self-care routine, these tips are vital for women and anyone.

As compiled by Pink Villa, here are some tips as recommended by female health experts to live a more energetic life.

You are what you eat

Consuming a wholesome breakfast is particularly vital on days when exercise and physical exercise is on your agenda. “Avoiding breakfast will leave you feeling dizzy and lethargic while working out, hence choosing the right kind of breakfast to give you energy is important,” said fitness expert Shalini Bhargava to Pink Villa.

Not only this, making sure fruits and vegetables are a staple in your diet will increase energy levels and overall health. This is because they are full of natural fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body requires to function at its best. Nutritionists recommend filling half your plate at mealtime with fruits and vegetables.

Stay hydrated

It’s crucial for women to stay hydrated as much as possible. Drinking water at steady levels will aid the body against feeling dehydrated, leading to a healthier you. Health experts agree to drink at least two liters of water a day is essential.

Simple changes in the kitchen

It doesn’t have to be so difficult to try and be healthier. The simple act of removing some ingredients and replacing them with healthier options can go a long way.

“This will help you manage blood pressure or blood sugar fluctuations in a much easier way than popping pills forever. Just saying no to white sugar, salt, and refined flour (all-purpose flour) and using their healthier counterparts without taste compromise like pink salt /rock salt, unpasteurized honey /manuka honey is a great way to manage lifestyle disorders,” said a health expert Deepti Bagree in the interview.

Stay fit easily

For women who travel frequently for work or otherwise, it’s important to stay fit and not deviate away from your fitness regime. Stick to general guidelines such as using waiting time at the airport for walking around, eating food at home rather than at the counter, and opting for steamed vegetables as a side while ordering at restaurants. Be sure to also try taking up breathing exercises and applying them in your daily routine.

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Ditch the scales

Nutritionist Carlyne Remedios recommended ditching the scale and not making ‘being thin’ a top priority while keeping fit. “Stop obsessing about your weight and instead focus on your fitness and health. Pick three goals that are not weight-related and work towards them, ” she suggested in the interview.

Goals such as walking up a flight of stairs without getting breathless or avoiding energy slumps at the end of the day are good goals to have. This way you will learn to listen to your body and respect it rather than starve yourself to look thin.